Rebecca Bendikov


Rebecca leads the Beam Camp team and is passionate about introducing young people, especially young women, to emerging technologies. Rebecca has been a part of the Tech scene in South Australia for the better part of ten years with a background in Education Technology and Financial Technology. In her spare time, Rebecca is a singer and performer and previously taught Performing Arts to students at NIYPAA.

Dr. Marissa Bond

Head of STEM Programs

Marissa is an experienced STEM communicator and qualified teacher with a love of tech, tinkering and coding. In 2017 she completed her PhD which focused on developing and evaluating software using virtual people to help children with autism improve their social skills.

Rebecca Moar

STEM Program Coordinator

Rebecca is a qualified marine biologist and a registered teacher, with experience in distance education and a passion for using innovative technology to enhance student learning. She has a strong focus on building relationships, promoting positive well-being, and inspiring young people to be inquisitive and love learning. When Rebecca is not at work, you will find her exploring the great outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

Fergus Weinert

Beam Camp Instructor

Fergus is studying a Bachelor of Primary Education at UniSA and is passionate about working with children and helping them learn. He has a love of technology and all things STEM. He previously worked as an Instructor's Assistant for the Adelaide Crow's STEM football program.

Cassie Marshall

Beam Camp Instructor

Cassie has a background in mathematics and loves all types of science especially space and biology. Cassie has experience as a course tutor for university students, high school students and primary school students, and is excited to bring these skills to Beam Camp. Cassie has a big interest in marine science and knows lots of cool fish facts. One day she really wants to be able to swim with a whale shark!

David Sutton

Beam Camp Instructor

David is an active and passionate Beam Camp instructor. He graduated from Xavier College in 2020 and still works at the school's OSHC. David is studying a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer & Mathematical Sciences. He enjoys playing basketball, and spending time camping with friends and family.

Karla Spera

Beam Camp Instructor

Karla is a sociable and enthusiastic Beam Camp instructor who is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Astrophysics & Space Science). Her passion for science and hunger for learning has provided her with a wonderful opportunity to engage with young individuals, hoping to inspire a new wave of forward thinkers and open up the thought of endless possibilities. Karla is also a movie fanatic and enjoys playing lacrosse in her spare time.

Tristan Castle

Beam Camp Instructor

Tristan is a Technical Artist specialising in development for XR technologies and is currently studying a Masters of Immersive Media Technologies. He is excited to inspire young people to chase development within the immersive spaces.

Ed Coad

Beam Camp Instructor

Ed loves tinkering with electronics, taking things apart to see how they work then constructing new contraptions to solve everyday problems. Ed also enjoys coding, recently completing a Coding Boot Camp at Adelaide Uni and now studying IT at the University of South Australia.

David Milne

Beam Camp Instructor

David has a passion for robotics, coding, and martial arts. Currently, David is studying computer vision and motion tracking in a Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics).

Jacob Lund

Beam Camp Tech Support

Jake is a software engineer and our tech support. He does everything from general troubleshooting and configuring kits to bringing our tech ideas to life. Jake has been working on computers for years and even builds small electronics in his spare time.