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While schools are back in session across Australia, things still aren’t quite back to 'normal'. One thing that is noticeably absent is the ability to take students on field trips. The great news is you don’t have to wait to expand your students’ horizons, you can take them on virtual field trips right now! Get your hands on one of our Google Expeditions Kits and you’re all set.

Looking Local

There are over 980 virtual field trips through the Google Expeditions app from all over the world, including trips to the Barrier Reef, Australian Government House or Taronga and Melbourne zoos, or grab the Google Arts & Culture VR app and take an immersive tour of the Australian Museum, Melbourne Park or the Parramatta Park Dairy, learn more about artists that shaped Australia, or visit the Art Gallery of South Australia. Beyond these apps are many other amazing experiences on the web including exploring Uluru and other locations in our beautiful National Parks.

Global Citizens

Of course you’re not just restricted to local sites - why not take an international tour and check out places like Machu Picchu, the Sistine Chapel, Buckingham Palace or the Colosseum? Or perhaps you’d like to go somewhere more adventurous like diving in the Caribbean, a trek through the glaciers in Iceland, or even outer space.

Curriculum Connections

Wondering how to incorporate these resources into your classroom? The opportunities are endless! Try using a virtual field trip as a prompt for a creative writing activity, ask students to write a report on the historical significance of a site they’ve just visited, reflect on art in a virtual gallery or create their own response pieces, or propose ways to protect endangered species in key locations around the world. Other opportunities could include exploring future careers by visiting science labs, design and manufacturing companies, restaurants, oil rigs, student clinics for nursing, midwifery and medicine, and more!

Creators and Adventurers

Looking for a field trip to somewhere that’s not on this list? Grab one of our VR/AR Creation Kits and capture your own 360o photos and videos effortlessly. Put it all together easily using Google Tour Creator, pulling in locations from Street View as well as your own photos and annotations, or take it a step further with Situ360 and include your own videos too!

Most of us learn best by doing, so once we can get those students out and about in the world again, hand over the reins and ask them to create their own tours - you’ll be amazed at what they produce!

By Dr. Marissa Bond

02 Jun. 2020


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