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At TFE Solutions, we know that any success borne of using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology in the classroom is due to the ingenuity of the teacher. That’s why we provide professional development for all teachers.

When it comes to adopting new educational technology in the classroom, teachers need to be given the space and time to explore new platforms. Principals understand this best although finding the time in the hectic school calendar can be a challenge.

While many of our products come with free professional development for teachers we also offer a range of professional learning and development initiatives to smooth the transition from old classroom world to VR and AR-supported learning spaces.

We see this learning as teaching future teachers – just as you’ll be teaching students of the future, when together you learn and collaborate in VR and AR learning environments designed to build the skills young people will need in years to come.

For many teachers, adopting VR and AR technology into their disciplines, it’s the next evolution in their careers. We work with hundreds of teachers every year, inviting them to join us for an immersive professional learning experience.

At the end, they emerge bright eyed and enthused, with expert-level blended learning expertise and the skills required to guide the students of the future. As former teachers ourselves, we offer several ways into VR and AR technology.

1. The Future Teacher – Learn how emerging technology is changing the way students learn and teachers teach.

2. VR and AR technology – Discover the benefits of learning with VR and AR technology.

3. VR/AR Creation – Unlock the learning rewards of moving from VR and AR content consumption to content creation.

4. The Power of Drones – Uncover the importance of coding and how drones are revolutionising our lives.

5. Immersive virtual reality – Learn why high-powered, gaming quality VR and AR technology has a place in education.

6. Curriculum blending – Discover how to blend these high power technologies into your current curriculum.

In Australia, we know that only 35% of secondary teachers and 28% of primary teachers say they have enough support when it comes to digital learning. That’s why we’re committed to supporting as many teachers as we can.

We want as many teachers as possible to harness these powerful and innovative learning tools in the classroom. We even offer the opportunity for teachers to take their learning to the next level with a Google for Education certificate.

This world-recognised qualification allows teachers to learn how G Suite can transform their classrooms. The more teachers we have experienced in VR and AR technology, the more students can experience this new learning environment.

The Australian Government agrees. Its $1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda includes a $51 million allocation to school initiatives dedicated to “Embracing the Digital Age”.

At TFE Solutions, we’re committed to helping teachers embrace this new technology, knowing that this will enhance the learning of thousands more students for years to come.


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